Major projects

Projects call for a specific approach!

Advice on larger projects

Larger projects or special projects in historical buildings call for a specific approach. The wiring may have to be checked to increase fire safety. LED lighting has a lower wattage, making the wiring less fragile. We can usually nicely hide away the thin wires into your chandelier or candelabra.

Extensive experience with historical buildings and monuments

Your historical chandelier or candelabra will enhance the atmosphere in your spaces, but also involve high costs and risks. Real candles have the downsides of soot and being a fire hazard. Old wiring in electric candelabras and chandeliers also often no longer meet modern fire safety requirements. They also involve high energy costs.
Our experience with historical buildings and monuments allows us to provide you with sound advice. We look at the right tones of the light colour with you. Each (historical) building calls for a unique approach. Important is to maintain the historical character and to revive the atmosphere of original candlelight from ancient times. But with the advantages of our modern time: no soot; no fire hazards and safe for the (historical) art collection and furniture.

Hotels and the Hospitality Industry

You also want to receive your guests in a warm ambiance in hotels and hospitality establishments. Romantic candlelight in your establishment creates a warm atmosphere for your guests. Unfortunately, real candlelight has downsides in terms of fire safety, and incandescent light bulbs are expensive due to high energy costs.
In the operational management of hotels and hospitality establishments, fire safety and saving on fixed costs, such as energy costs and the fire insurance premium, are the most important arguments for switching to E-candle. This will enable you to get more out of your chandelier or candelabra. Allow us to advise you on the best solution in your situation. You can also request a test placement.