Evolution in candlelight

This is our story

In 2000, W3 Product started designing and producing electric candles. In collaboration with the Central Government Real Estate Agency, we developed electric candles for Het Loo Palace that produce a colour experience that is almost identical to real candlelight. The result: the E-candle.

Now, all of our products have the latest LED lighting and we focus on colour experience. With the development of the E-candle Easy, which goes in an E14 fitting, installation has never been easier!

With a sense of historical value and authenticity, we help all kinds of organisations in the Netherlands and abroad switch to this unique lighting.

Maximum W3 E-candle energy cost savings meet a set of important labels. This way, you will know for sure that with our products, you are contributing to the norm for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and we as a supplier meet the requirements for the GreenKey norm.

We proudly present our latest projects!

Be inspired by the projects W3 product has done in the Netherlands and abroad.

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