Dresden Castle

Project : Dresden Castle

Residenzschloss in Dresden

Dresden Castle is currently being restored
The royal beauty was revived by the restoration of the small ballroom and the parade bedroom in Dresden Castle.
The reconstruction of Dresden Castle is an issue close to the heart of the state due to the castle’s unique importance for Saxony. The State displays its world-class collections in the castle’s most modern exhibit rooms. This restoration has made these rooms into showpieces, restoring the former splendour of the court.

The Small Ballroom was designed by Hofbaumeister Bernhard Krüger (1821-1881), a colleague of Gottfried Semper, commissioned by King John of Saxony and built between 1865 and 1868. The room is seen as an important testimony to the historism and understanding of Semper architecture.
In 1997, Saxony decided to reconstruct the Small Ballroom as a “historically situated space”.

The Dresdner Schloss is currently being restored, starting with the Small Ballroom and the Parade Bedroom.
Part of this restoration is the restoration of the wall and ceiling chandeliers, which will be fitted with the W3 Product specially designed E-Candle Royal. This LED candle, with a historical Versailles candle colour from the 16th century, is fitted with a LED filament light bulb.

This restoration was done by AKH Paul Lorenz – (Beleuchtungskörper und Metallarbeiten Spezialhandwerker der Denkmalpflege Anerkannter Kunsthandwerker).

  • Chandelier after restoration
  • Brass chandelier
  • Detailed image
  • AKH Paul Lorenz Beleuchtungskörper und Metallarbeiten
  • Table candelabras with E-Candle Royal
  • New wiring
  • E-Candle installation