Direct savings without investing

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Direct savings without investing

Are you interested in the W3Green method for saving money and energy and reducing CO2, but do you lack the budget to implement this measure right away?
W3Green collaborates with DLL to offer you the option of achieving your desired savings right away by making the investment for you. You can then use part of the amount you save in energy to pay back the investment. Every month, part of the resulting energy savings is used to pay off the total amount. On balance, you will save right away and pay off the investment with your achieved energy savings.

In practice

W3Green will take inventory of your current lighting setup (free of charge). Based on that, we will put together a budget-neutral proposal. Our proposal will include your current consumption, CO2 emissions and costs offset against your future consumption, CO2 emissions and costs. Depending on the duration, between 2 and 4 years, you will achieve net savings that benefit you directly every month.

Result (example)

This is a sample calculation for a location with 500 incandescent light bulb candles. Based on the following principles:

  • Existing incandescent light bulbs – 25 watts
  • Burning hours per week: 40
  • kWh price: €0.22
  • Replacement by LED E-candle (1 watt – 90 lumen)

Directly from the delivery date, this will result in annual savings of approx. €10,344 without an investment, so without any loss of liquidity.

Costs in the old situation

Replacement lamp €1.820
Labour costs €3.033,-
Energy costs €5.720,-
Total costs  €10.573,-
Energy costs E-candle €229,-
Annual saving  €10.344,-

Expected result taken over 4 years:  Savings: €41.376,-

W3 Product is a partner of DLL.

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Thanks to our collaboration with DLL, you can generate direct savings without limiting your liquidity.



Last year, I had 12 chandeliers restored for my country home. W3 Product helped me a lot with the financing and I already earned back my investment!