Light renovation

 Restoring electric chandeliers or candle chandeliers

A cultural-historical chandelier largely determines the look of your interior. The technique here is remarkable as well: it is a complex structure of glass, crystal, wood and metal. There are few specialists with the knowledge and skills to honourable restore valuable objects.
The specialists at W3 Product/E-Candle retain as much as possible of the historical elements. They replace and restore the chandelier’s parts and electrical wiring.
Of course, they always set to work with the utmost caution:

Cleaning is done with specific solvents and demineralised water.
Metal parts are cleaned by polishing them, for example.

We bond broken glass with epoxy adhesive, e.g. Hxtal NYL-1 (specially developed for glass restoration and conservation and used by professionals all over the world).

Pins are the metal wires used to secure the glass pendants or bubbles.
These pins can get damaged or suffer wear and tear with time.
We replace old pins with new brass pins to prevent damage or loss of glass bubbles.

Chandeliers were originally lit with candles, gas or oil.
In the 20th century, electrical wiring was used.
We inspect the condition of the wiring and replace it where necessary, always following the current safety norms.
In authentic candle chandeliers, which were converted later on for electricity, the wiring usually runs over or along the frame. However, we also see this in chandeliers made for electricity after 1910.

The risk of a short circuit in the old wiring – often still upholstered with fabric – is high. Plastic wiring has often hardened and/or broken and this wiring has to be replaced to comply with safety requirements. For many historical buildings, this can be very expensive.

Advice for replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED lights

W3 Product would be happy to advise you in restoration processes to replace wiring and fixtures. Directly switching to E-candles with LED lights will allow you to maintain the authentic atmosphere and lighting and save a lot on energy costs. LED candles also have a long lifespan.

E-candle Royal

When you think of LED lights in your chandelier, do you picture an atmosphere without any ambiance? Allow yourself to be surprised by our E-candle Royal. The E-candle Royal was specially developed for monumental buildings, such as palaces, castles, manors, museums, town halls and churches.

The right colour and light flux are brought together in LED. Thanks to an innovative structure, the light source and the flame bulb form a whole. The beautifully shaped LED candle that makes your chandelier so original and distinctive is unique in all its purity.

E-candle Easy

The E-candle Easy was specially developed for renovating chandeliers with fixtures. The existing E14 fixtures can be retained. All that has to happen is the removal of the old incandescent light bulb or halogen bulb, then twisting the Easy into the fixture with an E14 connection, placing a new case over it and you’ll have the fantastic ambiance of the E-candle.


After the chandelier has been restored, the lights will be energy-efficient and lead to a 90% CO2 reduction. The lights are dimmable, have an extraordinarily long lifespan and minimal heat production and are thus environmentally friendly.

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  • Starting from the base.

  • Detail of the base.

  • The barren chandelier in our workshop.

  • Detail.

  • Placement of the first layer.

  • Building the chandelier.