Mayor’s residence

Project : Mayor’s residence Amsterdam

The building was built in 1671-1672 by Paulus Godin, merchant and director of the West India Company. In 1926, the president-director of the Netherlands Trading Society, Cornelis Johannes Karel van Aalst, offered the home to Amsterdam to be the official residence of the mayor. Today, the first floor – the main floor – is used for receptions, the second floor is used as a conference room and the attic floors as used as the mayor’s private residence.

The interior of the ballroom and the conference room (formerly the dining room) in the mayor’s residence is internationally important from a historical perspective.
Like the other rooms, it was renovated around 1870.
The tapestries, the furniture, the chandeliers, the wall chandeliers and candelabras are an essential part of that.
We restored the chandeliers, the wall chandeliers and the candelabras in the ballroom and the conference room.
We removed the fittings and the incandescent light bulbs and reinstalled the E-Candle Royal after inspecting and changing the wiring.
The E-Candle Royal has the latest LED technology with 1.5-watt COB LED lights with a Ra95 colour rendering index.

  • Binnenkant Ambtswoning Amsterdam Restoration of the chandelier in the conference room
  • W3 E-Candle voorbeeld Result with E-Candle Royal
  • Kroonluchter By W3 E-Candle Chandelier and candelabras in the ballroom
  • Wall chandelier after restoration