St. Lebuinus Church

Project : St. Lebuinus Church Deventer

The Great Church or St. Lebuinus Church is a Gothic hall church in Deventer. In the Middle Ages, it was the city’s main church and one of the most prominent churches within the diocese of Utrecht. The St. Lebuinus Church was used as a cathedral during the short-lived existence of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Deventer (1559-1591). The church was among the ‘Top 100 Dutch heritage sites’ of 1990. The church is owned by the Protestant Church, while the tower is property of the City of Deventer.


A set of chandeliers (in areas including the Magistrate Room) were fitted with the E-candle Church 2-watt 2200K, to replace the PL lamps.

The look of the E-Candle Church garnered great enthusiasm. The church council is raising money to install the E-Candle Church in the other chandeliers as well. W3 Product – E-Candle also presented a complete light plan for the church with which the whole church will be lit, in addition to the chandeliers.
That way, the wall and ceiling paintings in particular will be well lit and easy to admire at night as well.

  • Kroonluchter IMG_0450 E-candle Church 2-watt 2200K in the tower during the day
  • foto gouden kroonluchter 2 E-candle Church 2-watt 2200K in the tower during the evening
  • Foto gouden Kroonluchter Magistrate Room in St. Lebuinus Church with the E-candle Church 2 watt
  • Chandelier at the main entrance
  • Light plan presentation