Project : Poptaslot Marssum

A unique stins in Friesland

The Poptaslot (or actually Heringastate) is a unique estate that was founded around 1500 by the noble Van Heringa family and was bought by lawyer Dr. Henricus Popta from Leeuwarden in 1687.
Since his death, his estate has been managed by four caretakers for over 300 years.
The Poptaslot has now been subsumed in a foundation.

The Poptaslot has a set of historical chandeliers and wall candelabras and on the request of Castle Manager A.W. Prins, we installed the E-Candle Battery in a number of wall candelabras and lanterns in the halls.

  • Wall chandeliers with the E-Candle Battery
  • Lantern in the hall
  • Lantern in the hall