Rosendael Castle

Project : Rosendael Castle Rozendaal

Rosendael Castle is originally a late-Medieval castle, built by the Count of Guelders. The castle is located in the Gelderland town of Rozendaal near Velp. It is part of the historical estate Rosendael, protected by the government. 

Restoring the chandeliers in Rosendael Castle with the E-candle.

The chandeliers all had incandescent light bulbs. Commissioned by the “Stichting Gelderse Kasteelen” foundation, the chandeliers were fitted with the E-candle Royal. We also installed new wiring in the chandeliers.

With this restoration work, which we carried out on location, Rosendael Castle now meets the requirements for its social role model position in terms of sustainability and CO2 reduction.

At the end of 2017, W3 Product E-Candle restored the chandelier in the Tower Room and installed the E-Candle Royal.

  • Blue Room chandelier
  • Chandelier installation
  • LED filament lamp in the outdoor lantern
  • E-candle Beeswax with LED CRI 96
  • Garden at Rosendael Castle
  • Tower Room restoration
  • Chandelier after restoration