St. Lawrence Church

Project : St. Lawrence Church Alkmaar

The St. Lawrence Church is the largest and most widely visited monument in Alkmaar.

In preparation for the 500-year anniversary of the St. Lawrence Church in 2018, TAQA Theater De Vest & the St. Lawrence Church asked for the old lights in the chandeliers to be replaced with our E-Candle Church in June 2016. This change gave the church back its historical atmosphere and light ambiance.

Back then, the original light in the St. Lawrence Church was an important source of inspiration for two famous painters in the Dutch Golden Age: Salomon van Ruysdael and Pieter Saenredam.

  • Large chandelier with the E-Candle Church
  • Small chandelier in side aisle
  • Salomon van Ruysdael - View of the St. Lawrence Church
  • Pieter Saenredam - interior of the church