Eindhoven Railway Station

Project : Eindhoven Railway Station Eindhoven

Renovation of chandeliers and wall chandeliers at Eindhoven Railway Station

NS Stations commissioned W3 Product to renovate 6 chandeliers and 7 wall chandeliers and to produce 3 identical chandeliers and 1 wall chandelier.
The project was completed on 4 October 2017.

NS Delivery Report

The railway station, with a colonnade, canopy, pedestrian underpass, platforms and platform roofing is of general importance due to its architectural, cultural-historical and civil engineering value. The railway station was designed by architect K. van der Gaast.
The station has cultural-historical value due in part to the presence of sculptures and a restaurant with glasswork and glass artwork. The strong link between the interior and exterior carries great significance.
At the front, on the upper level, there is a restaurant with the original chandeliers. These chandeliers were renovated by W3 Product in compliance with their historical origin.

The restoration includes:
Cleaning the existing brass chandeliers (removing paint and polishing)
Cleaning the glass filigree shades for chandeliers and wall chandeliers (with demineralised water)
Creating 3 extra brass chandeliers
Creating filigree shades following the Venini process.
Electrical connections (circuits, LED lights, dimmers)

  • Old situation
  • Brass chandelier to be restored
  • (Detail) to be restored
  • Chandeliers to be restored
  • Old Venini glass shades
  • Manufacturing process
  • Manufacturing process
  • Manufacturing process
  • Chandelier detail
  • Welding
  • Venini glass shades
  • Glass shades with LED lights
  • New wall chandeliers
  • Impression of restoration