W3 E-candle at the Dutch Restoration Fair

W3 E-candle again succeeded in presenting new, innovative products at the fair. This time, this will be at the 2015 Dutch Restoration Fair. This fair will be on 16, 17 and 18 April 2015 in Den Bosch and W3 E-candle will be at stand 703.

Download hier uw kaarten met bezoekerscode 1NRB47

We will be introducing two innovative products:

E-candle, with the W3 ACT (Adjustable Colour Temperature) print

✓ CRI > 95     ✓ 130 lumen     ✓ 30,000 burning hours

The E-Candle ACT changes colour when dimmed, going from 2700 k to 1800 k.

E-candle BPRC (Battery Powered Remote Control)

✓ 2700 k     ✓ CRI > 95     ✓ 130 lumen     ✓ 30,000 burning hours

This remote-controlled battery candle is used in chandeliers or candelabras that have no options for electricity and has the look of the E-candle Royal.