The Poptaslot has a set of historical chandeliers and wall candelabras and on the request of Castle Manager A.W. Prins, we installed the E-Candle Battery in a number of wall candelabras and lanterns in the halls. Lees verder »

Chandelier Castle

Renovation The glass was cleaned and restored under W3 Product’s management. W3 Product renewed the wiring and installed the E-candle Royal in the chandelier. Lees verder »

Rosendael Castle

Restoring the chandeliers in Rosendael Castle with the E-candle. The chandeliers all had incandescent light bulbs. Commissioned by the “Stichting Gelderse Kasteelen” foundation, the chandeliers were fitted with the E-candle Royal. We also installed new wiring in the chandeliers. With this restoration work, which we carried out on location, Rosendael Castle now meets the requirements […] Lees verder »

Eindhoven Railway Station

HISTORY, The railway station, with a colonnade, canopy, pedestrian underpass, platforms and platform roofing is of general importance due to its architectural, cultural-historical and civil engineering value. The railway station was designed by architect K. van der Gaast. The station has cultural-historical value due in part to the presence of sculptures and a restaurant with […] Lees verder »

Martinikerk (Martin’s Church)

Library The Library is a lovely lit space on the first floor on the Martini churchyard and has gorgeous columns, painted in Art Nouveau style. In this space, the chandeliers were fitted with new candles (E-Candle Royal) and filament lamps: 2 watts, colour: 2200K. Frederici Room The Frederici Room is a quiet, atmospheric space that […] Lees verder »

Restaurant Beau

Installing the de E-candles in the chandeliers at Humphrey’s restaurant in Nijmegen. Guests enjoy their dinner in a warm atmosphere of candlelight. By doing so, Humphrey’s has made its hospitality business more fireproof while saving a lot on energy costs. Lees verder »

Frans Hals Museum

Old Dutch Masters in LED Light The Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem has a wealth of masterpieces from the Dutch Golden Age, including the largest collection of paintings by Haarlem master Frans Hals. During the major renovations in 2010, the demolition caused serious damage to the exhibition rooms. Ceilings, walls and wainscoting were fully renovated. […] Lees verder »

Grand Hotel Karel V

In the renowned Grand Hotel Karel V in Utrecht, E-candle installed E-candle bulbs in the chandeliers. A nice candle glow, but very fireproof due to the use of the E-candles. And the hotel can also save on costs due to the LED lights consuming much less energy. Lees verder »

Noordeinde Palace

At Noordeinde Palace, the chandeliers have E-candles. The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands looks at energy consumption and sustainability. A given is of course that the authentic atmosphere must be retained. Lees verder »

Twickel Castle

E-candle Royal The exquisite chandelier above the stairs got new E-candles. The chandeliers in the Salon, Droste Room and the Library were also restored. The E-candle Royal was used to do this. First, the fire-gilded bronze on a few chandeliers was cleaned with a special liquid. Then we replaced the old cotton wiring, majorly increasing […] Lees verder »


The chandelier in the Dom Tower of Utrecht, features specially crafted E-candles. These E-candles are adapted to the unique chandelier made by Axel van der Horst in Utrecht. These E-candles have a diameter of 50 mm and a length of 400 cm. Lees verder »

Royal Concertgebouw

Royal Concertgebouw is sustainable Modern times have entered the world of theatres and concert halls. The Royal Concertgebouw has a rich history with exquisite chandeliers and candelabras. By maintaining the beautiful old atmosphere, but using modern technology, we were well able to install the W3 E-candle LED candles. The Royal Concertgebouw also works on sustainability. […] Lees verder »

Police academy

Sustainable lighting The Warnsveld Police Academy is located in Huis ’t Velde. They, too, have a focus on sustainability. The classic chandeliers were fitted with LED candles. Light scan: We ran a light scan on the existing situation, based on the inventory we took. The report provided a good insight into the possible measures to save […] Lees verder »

Museum de Buitenplaats

Blue Room with LED lighting In Museum de Buitenplaats, we installed LED candles in the chandelier in the Blue Room. This was to maintain the room’s authentic blue atmosphere. Lees verder »

Fundatie Renswoude

The Fundatie Renswoude in Utrecht asked us to install LED candles in the chandeliers in the Portrait Room. Furthermore, the candelabras on the mantel and the rococo wall chandeliers in the Regent’s Room were also fitted with the E-Candle Royal. Lees verder »

Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

In the famous Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, E-candles in the chandeliers enhance the baroque atmosphere. The guests enjoyed an authentic atmosphere, along with increased fire safety. And important for the operational management: this also led to a major reduction in energy costs. Lees verder »

Wilanów Palace Museum

Candles: a danger to the art collection The Wilanów Palace Museum has a major focus on the conservation of this formerly royal castle. The daily battle against the biggest threats to the art collection, such as fire, temperature and light requires major efforts. The rooms used to be lit with real candles. These were placed […] Lees verder »

Het Loo Palace

The chandeliers and candelabras at Het Loo Palace contain halogen candles. The different types of E-Candles provide the option to coordinate the candle’s colour temperature to the environment. Not cold light; warm candlelight. As the candles are dimmable, exactly the right ambiance and atmosphere can be created in the various historical rooms of the Palace. […] Lees verder »

Keizerskroon Restaurant

In 2015, we changed the old lighting on the chandeliers and lanterns to LED lighting. As a result, the Keizerskroon achieved 90% savings on its energy and maintenance costs as well as a major CO2 reduction. Lees verder »

St. Lebuinus Church

Test A set of chandeliers (in areas including the Magistrate Room) were fitted with the E-candle Church 2-watt 2200K, to replace the PL lamps. The look of the E-Candle Church garnered great enthusiasm. The church council is raising money to install the E-Candle Church in the other chandeliers as well. W3 Product – E-Candle also […] Lees verder »

Castle Verwolde

E-candle Royal At Verwolde House, we installed the E-Candle Royal in the chandeliers of the Gentlemen’s Room and Chinese Room in 2012, sustaining the original look and atmosphere of the house. On top of energy savings and CO2 reductions, this restoration made an important contribution to fire safety.   Lees verder »

Mayor’s residence

The interior of the ballroom and the conference room (formerly the dining room) in the mayor’s residence is internationally important from a historical perspective. Like the other rooms, it was renovated around 1870. The tapestries, the furniture, the chandeliers, the wall chandeliers and candelabras are an essential part of that. We restored the chandeliers, the […] Lees verder »

Zuylen Castle

Gobelin Room The most important room is the Gobelin Room, where a wall tapestry by Delft weaver Maximiliaan van der Gught has adorned the walls for over three centuries. The chandeliers and candelabras are from the 19th century, which we restored and in which we installed the E-candle Royal. The space has always been used […] Lees verder »

Oude Kerk (Old Church)

In the context of aesthetics and sustainability, the church council decided to change the chandeliers in the church. The existing chandelier lighting was no longer bright enough and was removed, in consultation with W3 Product E-Candle and replaced with the LED E-Candle De Luxe, with a very warm hue. By doing so, the Oude Kerk […] Lees verder »

Old Town Hall in Edam – Museum

In this former Edam town hall, we very carefully restored the existing chandeliers, which still had incandescent light bulbs. This was focused on in the context of the Edam-Volendam municipality’s sustainability policy. We replaced the existing fittings with new ones, and then installed the LED E-Candle Easy De Luxe. This drastically reduced the energy consumption […] Lees verder »



The Reformed Church in Hitzum is an old building, erected well before the Reformation. The interior was enriched with two copper crowns during a renovation in 1981, of which one was given to the church by one of its members. We restored these chandeliers with the E-Candle Royal, bringing back the cultural-historical look. Lees verder »

Dresden Castle

The Small Ballroom was designed by Hofbaumeister Bernhard Krüger (1821-1881), a colleague of Gottfried Semper, commissioned by King John of Saxony and built between 1865 and 1868. The room is seen as an important testimony to the historism and understanding of Semper architecture. In 1997, Saxony decided to reconstruct the Small Ballroom as a “historically […] Lees verder »

Zeist Castle

With our restoration work, the chandeliers have now regained their original cultural-historical look, enabling Zeist Castle to fulfil its social role model position concerning the norm for sustainability and CO2 reduction. After our restorations, the return on investment (ROI) will be 3.3 years   Lees verder »

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Restoring the historical Empire chandeliers with E-candles The chandeliers that have lit the Royal Palace since the era of Louis Bonaparte had been removed in a previous restoration and stored in crates in the attic. Restoration architect Krijn van den Ende, who led the last restoration, said: “A palace like this is unthinkable without chandeliers.” […] Lees verder »

City Hall

We restored and placed E-candles in the chandeliers in Nijmegen City Hall’s aldermen’s hall and Trêves Room. The chandeliers still had real candles in them, which were no longer allowed be lit due to fire safety concerns. We added wiring to the chandeliers, making the wiring almost invisible, and installed the E-candle Royal, with a […] Lees verder »